Report on the presentation of the annual report 2022/23 by the German Council of Economic Experts

  Groupphoto in front of the presenation of anual report

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Malmendier presents the 2022/23 annual report of the Council of Experts. This was previously presented to the federal government on November 9th.

The German Council of Economic Experts is a body in economic policy advice. It was set up by law in 1963. Its main task is to present a periodic assessment of macroeconomic developments in Germany from an independent expert point of view and thus to contribute to facilitating the formation of judgments among all economic policy authorities and the public. The Council is independent in its advisory role and operates in a transparent manner.

In accordance with the statutory mandate, the council draws up an annual report every year. This is usually published in mid-November. The annual report 2022/23 discusses how to “solidarity overcome the energy crisis” and “shape this new reality”.