AMA Winter Academic Conference


The AMA Winter Academic Conference is one of the world's largest and most prestigious marketing conferences and is hosted annually by the American Marketing Association. After a Corona-related break, this year the conference will return in person February 18-20, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's theme is Reconnecting and Reconceiving the Marketplace. How will consumer behavior change in a post pandemic world? Will entertainment, information and experiences be consumed in the same spaces and places? Are online and offline channels being fundamentally reshaped? What lasting, institutional changes in the marketplace will remain and which will fade? These and other questions will be answered and discussed at the conference.

At the conference, six contributions from researchers of the School will be presented. Research assistants Svenja Gerecht and Alexander Kies from the TIME Research Area will be on site to present their contributions:

  • Alexander Kies (Lehrstuhl für Dienstleistungs- und Technologiemarketing): Poster zum Beitrag ““You look sad – have an ice cream coupon!” Exploring facial recognition technology for advertising” (Co-Autor: Prof. Paluch)
  • Svenja Gerecht (Lehrstuhl für Marketing): Vortrag zum Beitrag “Love You(,) Bunches!? - How the Use of Basic Emotions in Point-of Sale Communication Drives Consumers' Choice of Imperfect Produce”, Track Consumer Behavior (Co-Autor: Prof. Wentzel)

Furthermore, four posters from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group (WIN) will be presented as awards at the conference:

  • Michael Geulen, Denise Fischer-Kreer & Malte Brettel: Poster zum Beitrag “Maneuvering dynamic markets: The role of management team heterogeneity in firm survival
  • Alexander Barkey, Denise Fischer-Kreer & Malte Brettel: Poster zum Beitrag “I Have to Be Quick! Understanding the Influence of Entrepreneurial Fear of Failure in the Pursuit of Speed to Market for Innovations
  • Florian Wedel, Sebastian Kruse & Malte Brettel: Poster zum Beitrag “Let’s Talk Strategy: An Analysis of the CSO's Power and its Effect on Firms’ Myopic Marketing Management and Strategic Change
  • Luisa Thomas, Andrea Greven & Malte Brettel: Poster zum Beitrag ““Virtual-try-and-click" - How virtual product try-ons influence consumer browsing behavior