The Role of the Center for Doctoral Studies (§10)

  How to Register for the CDS Program Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Prerequisites for Embarking on a Doctoral Degree:

That you have found a professor who is willing to supervise your doctoral thesis and that you will be working towards a doctoral degree within the famework of the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) program.

You will be able to take advantage of the skills training opportunities for transferable non-subject-specific skills that the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) offers. The Center provides a broad range of skills that lie outside the specific discipline of a doctoral candidate.

The Center will provide confirmation of all of your academic achievements, qualifications, and experience gained during your doctoral studies. These will all becdocumented in the so-called Doctorate Supplement. For detailed information, please visit the website of the Center: Center for Doctoral Studies.

The procedure is the following:

  1. You must register with the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS).
  2. With the assistance of your supervising professor, you will decide which courses etc. you will be attending at the CDS.
  3. When you have successfully participated in CDS courses or events, the respective lecturer will provide written confirmation of your participation; your supervising professor will provide acknowledgement of recognition on your Progress Sheet ("Promotionsbegleitbogen").
  4. You will enter all of your achievements gained during your doctoral studies into the Doctorate Supplement (the LUCOM form on the CDS website). The supplement is an addition to the doctoral certificate and serves to document all of the qualifications, achievements, and experience that you have acquired during your doctoral studies.
  5. When you have gained all of the achievements that are required in the basic and advanced qualification areas, the Progress Sheet will be filled out and signed by your supervising professor.
  6. You must submit the duly signed Progress Sheet to the Dean's Office in the School of Business and Economics together with your application for admission to the doctoral examination.
  7. The CDS will issue you with the Doctorate Supplement.

How the CDS Is Structured in Conjunction with the School of Business and Economics

Mandatory Courses or Activities (in sum 8 Credit Points):

Please note that 2 credit points must be gained from EACH of the following FOUR courses or activities:

Research/doctoral seminar (2 credit points)

Course on methodological skills (2 semester week hours (SWS) per course, 2 credit points per course)

2 block seminars on "Research Skills" (2 days per seminar, 1 credit point per seminar)

Publication/working paper (2 credit points)

Mandatory Elective Courses or Activities (22 Credit Points)
Employee Track Independent Research Track Doctoral Studies Track

Teaching of courses and other teaching-equivalent activities

Working papers (in SSRN)

External publications (in renowned journals)1

Conference presentations (at international or renowned national conferences)

Special courses

Further methodological courses from the mandatory section

Participation in a Summer School and in programs offered by more than one university

Further research seminars

2 credit points per semester week hour (SWS) for exercise units and the like,

4 credit points per semester week hour (SWS) for seminars and the like

6 credit points per working paper
8 credit points per publication or presentation2

1 credit point per semester week hour (SWS)

In the mandatory elective section, the modules from different "tracks" are open to any combination

1 An invitation to resubmit is sufficient
2 Content-overlap between publications, conference presentations, and working papers, is permitted



Here you will find the progress sheet Begleitbogen (please submit this to the Dean's Office in the School of Business and Economics together with your application for admission to the doctoral examination).You also find a Presentation on the School of Business and Economics and the Center for Doctoral Studies.

The Doctoral Supplement Promotionssupplement should be submitted to Ms. Frank (Abt. 4.3 - Karriereentwicklung). Here is the application form for registering with the CDS: Antrag


CDS Courses Currently Offered

An overview of the courses offered by the CDS is provided here.

An overview of the School's offerings within the framework of the Aachen International Summer School in Research Methods and Data Science (ACISS) is provided here .