New Publication from the School's Research Area EME


In the edited volume "Die Energiewende der Bürger stärken" by Christian Lautermann, a chapter is being published on which Prof. Reinhard Madlener und Dr. Christian Oberst collaborated. The title is "Prosumer-Haushalte und ihr Beitrag zur Transformation des Energiesystems und der Gesellschaft" (Prosumer Households and their Contribution to the Transformation of the Energy System and of Society").

The edited volume takes a detailed look at climate protection and Germany's decentralized "Energiewende" and the way in which some members of society engage with these issues, whereby both challenges and solutions are analyzed.


New Publication on Climate Protection and Decentralized Energy Transition

Recently, the article "Effects of CO2 Pricing on the Building, Transportation, and Energy Sectors" was published in the Journal of Energy Economics.

Professor Madlener and his co-authors thus make an important contribution to the current socio-political discussion on the question of which CO2 prices are acceptable or reasonable in order to be able to achieve Germany's climate policy goals.

Their results showed that the introduction of a minimum CO2 price leads to a stronger decarbonization of power generation, a stronger expansion of renewable energy capacities, and an accelerated phase-out of coal-fired power generation.

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