Published Doctoral Theses

  Published Doctoral Theses Copyright: RWTH Aachen  


Date Name of Doctoral Candidate Title of the Doctoral Thesis
20.01.2020 van Bracht, Ruth Managing Disruptive Technologies and Innovation
13.01.2020 Prasuhn, Jacqueline Isabelle Managing Digital Innovation - An Investigation of the Antecedents and Outcomes of Social Media Driven Open Innovation
08.01.2020 Raff, Stefan Christoph Products and Services in the Digital Age: Findings of a Multi-Perspective Approach
07.01.2020 Pöhler, Stefan Enhancing Corporate Innovation, Technology and Business Performance through Start-up Acquisitions: Successful Post-Acquisition Integration Strategies
02.01.2020 Strauß, Patricia Understanding Entrepreneurship Because of Socialization: An Analysis of Effective Behavior and its Motives in Modern Economics