Mündliche Prüfung


Termine der mündlichen Prüfungen

Datum Name Ort Uhrzeit Titel Dissertation
Do, 22.12.2022 Herr Justus Gätjen digital per Zoom 15:00 Uhr Ecosystem Intermediaries and new Ventures: How Startup Accelerators Impact Venture Development
Do, 22.12.2022 Herr Florian Wedel digital per Zoom 13:30 Uhr An Analysis of Executive Power in Today’s Top Management Teams
Do, 22.12.2022 Frau Cara Julietta Pitusa Droege digital per Zoom 12:00 Uhr The Paradox of Inter-Firm Coopetition: A Quantitative Investigation of Industry-Level Antecedents and Firm-Level Outcomes
Mi, 21.12.2022 Herr Micha Schildmann digital per Zoom 10:30 Uhr The Rise of Social Media: An Empirical Analysis of The Effect of Social Media on Consumers, Investors, and Companies
Mi, 21.12.2022 Herr Markus Becker digital per Zoom 8:30 Uhr Myopic Marketing and R&D Management in the Context of IPOs: An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents, Contingencies and Anticipated Consequences
Mi, 14.12.2022 Herr Oliver Antons hybrid: Raum B201 (Kackertstr. 7) und Zoom 8:30 Uhr Distributing decision-making authority: Autonomous entities in manufacturing networks
Fr, 09.12.2022 Herr Kai Klöckner Raum 517 (WiÜ), Sammelbau (Templergraben 64, 5. OG) 15:00 Uhr Interdependencies between Economic and Environmental Performance: Econometric Analyses of the Pollution Intensity and the External Costs of
Companies, as well as Simulations of the Effects of Energy Decarbonization