Digital Examinations: Latest Information from the Dean's Office


Dear Students,

First of all, we should like to thank you for the positive feedback that you have provided on the School’s first-date examination period, where examinations are taking place in digital form. Thank you also for cooperating with the School in this undertaking. Practically everything has gone off very smoothly so far and all of the examinations are taking place as scheduled.

In the meantime, as several of you have been enquiring about the current semester’s second-date examination period, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that, here too, it is our intention to hold the examinations on the scheduled dates. At the moment, though, it is not clear as to which form these examinations will take. We hope that we will be able to provide you with further information on March 8, so that you will likewise have adequate planning certainty for the second-date examination period, too.

Until then, we should like to wish you successful examinations during this first-date examination period. Have a good time and take care of yourselves!

With kind regards

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe (Dean of the School of Business and Economics)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rüdiger von Nitzsch (Dean of Studies of the School of Business and Economics)     


Dear Students,

As planned, we are now pleased to inform you about the next steps regarding your examinations. All of the Examination Boards (Prüfungsausschüsse) have now approved our scheduled digital examinations. A special meeting of the Examination Boards has taken place today. Information on the detailed procedure will be made available in the individual Moodle learning rooms over the next few days.

It is extremely important that you carefully observe the following points already at this pre-examination stage:

  1. Check your emails with the ending at regular intervals.
  2. Check the Moodle learning rooms at regular intervals for any new information on an examination and read it through carefully and completely.
  3. Ensure that you have a working camera and microphone as well as a powerful and stable internet connection.
  4. Any questions about the actual procedure will be answered via the respective Moodle learning room.
  5. Your identity will be validated via a form that you will need to upload to the Moodle learning room when you have registered for the respective examination. The form will include a recent photograph of yourself, a copy of your BlueCard, and a sworn statement that you will need to copy down in your own handwriting (for later handwriting verification). If you fail to upload this form, you will not be able to take the examination.
  6. Shortly before the examination, you will receive via Moodle a Zoom link and a five-digit identification code that you must enter as your name in your Zoom account before accessing the Zoom examination meeting.
  7. All data collected in this way will of course be treated confidentially in full compliance with data protection regulations and with the sole purpose of conducting the examination. The data will be deleted in due time.
  8. Participation in digital examinations is voluntary, i.e. you may choose to wait until on-site examinations are available again. We do hope that it will be possible to conduct on-site examinations for the second examination date.
  9. All information provided here is valid only for those programs and courses offered by the School of Business and Economics. The information applies for all our students, even those who are not assigned to our School, e.g. prospective industrial engineers (Wirtschaftsingenieure).

Please appreciate that we will upload further and more detailed information successively over the next few days and that the information will be updated again where necessary.

Important notice: We will classify any attempts to cheat, e.g. if a person takes somebody else's examination for them, as a serious matter. We will severely punish such offenses, the objective being expulsion of the offending students. This procedure is also in line with past practice. We have already seen requests on various platforms for somebody else to take a person's examination for them. We are carefully monitoring these platforms and will take action here as well. We know that we can fully trust almost all of our students. However, the very small minority of students that we are addressing with this information should be aware that we will not tolerate any attempts at cheating and that we will take due action.

Of course we all wish that your examinations could have taken place under different circumstances. However, our primary goal now is to help you to progress with your studies by taking examinations that are fair and are conducted in an orderly manner. We are working very hard towards this goal and would like to sincerely thank in particular the RWTH Rectorate, the Examination Boards, various officials, the CLS, and members of our School for the support they have provided. Our thanks also go to those students who have constructively and purposefully contributed to this process.

We would like to wish you all every success with preparing for and taking your upcoming examinations.

Best regards,

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe (Dean of the School of Business and Economics)
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rüdiger von Nitzsch (Dean of Studies of the School of Business and Economics)