Viewing of Examination Scripts


On February 10, 2016 the School Council passed the following best practice rules for examination script viewing sessions. These rules were jointly formulated by students and the Dean's Office.

Best Practice Rules for Examination Script Viewing Sessions

  • Viewing time per examination script: a maximum of 20 minutes. A student should then vacate her or his seat for the next student.
  • Transparent point allocation: In the viewing session - when possible in the examination itself - the procedure by which the total number of points are allocated to the individual parts of the examination is elucidated.
  • Should the allocation of points not be fully transparent in the viewing session or after consultation with the academic staff member present in the session, a student may be given a standard form on which to clearly formulate his or her queries for the examiner.
  • Examiners are obliged to address queries submitted in the above mentioned way. The examiner will provide a positive or negative reply either in email form or displayed in notice form.
  • Any materials needed during the viewing session are to be provided by the examiner (e.g. pens, sheets of paper, pocket calculators).
  • The ratio of students to viewing session supervisors should be an appropriate one.
  • Date and time of an examination script viewing session must be announced no later than one week prior to that session.
  • Solutions should be made transparent to the students, e.g. as a roughly outlined sample solution.
  • Student assistants (SHKs) may support the examiner's work during a viewing session. They are obliged to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Authorization: If an examination script viewing session is to be attended by a proxy for the person who took the examination, the proxy must show authorization documents in full before he or she will be admitted to the viewing session. In order to avoid potential clarification problems with regard to such authorization being recognized, we strongly recommend that the following form is used to express authorization: Vollmacht für Klausureinsichten. Please note that if the a.m. form is not used, any other written authorization must contain equivalent information to that included in the form: title of the examination; date of the examination; name of the examiner; declaration of intent from the person who took the examination (i.e. from the person granting authority to the proxy: full name and matriculation number) stating that the proxy is being granted authority to view the examination script and to exercise the rights of the person granting authority (the proxy must be identified by name, date of birth and place of birth). The authorization must be signed by the person granting authority to the proxy and must show date and place of signing! (Copies of official identification documents may not be requested and placed on file).
  • Without due verification of the authorized proxy's identification, no viewing of examination scripts will be permitted. The authorized proxy must show official proof of identity which contains a photograph (I.D. card, passport, driver's license, or similar). (Copies of official identification documents may not be requested and placed on file).

Best Practice Rules for Student Conduct in Examination Script Viewing Sessions

Principally, the inspection of examination script is intended to inform students about the process of arriving at a solution, the point allocation system, and the individual assessment of their examinations. Students may raise objections to any inconsistencies or errors that they find in the corrected examination script. An examination script viewing session is not to be regarded as an opportunity to "negotiate" any additional points through discussion with the academic staff members present in the session. A solution should be made transparent for a student, e.g. as a roughly outlined sample solution. Furthermore, an examination script viewing session does not serve to give students the opportunity to have learning material re-explained to them or to question the procedure for assessing performance in the examination.


  • Students must show proof of identity.
  • During the viewing session, a student must address all of her or his questions in one go to the supervising academic staff members.
  • Students may only speak directly to the supervising academic staff members. Talking to other students is not allowed.
  • Only materials and instruments provided by the School of Business and Economics are to be used.
  • No photographs may be taken; however, notes may be made if permission has been granted.
  • Students must leave the viewing session of their own accord after no more than 20 minutes, provided they have been able to use this time span effectively.
  • An examination script viewing session will end at the arranged time. This means that, once this time is reached, a full 20-minute viewing session might no longer be feasible.
  • Students and academic staff members should maintain a mutually respectful relationship.