BMJV Grant to Fund Research Project on "Privacy Nudges"

  Bundesministerium für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz Copyright: © BMJV

The Innovation, Strategy and Organization Group (ISO), headed by Professor Salge, is pleased to announce the approval of its research project "Privacy Nudges" by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV).

Digitization of almost all areas of private and business life gives rise to a new resource – digital data. This valuable raw-material oftentimes emerges as a by-product of our everyday interaction with information technology, e.g. through shopping online, using the smartphone to navigate, or tracking fitness levels with wearable technology. However, as the emerging torrents of data potentially contain sensitive information about individuals, their commercial exploitation is considered to be a serious threat to individuals’ privacy. In the light of rapid technological advances to collect, combine, and analyze personal data, it is hence of utmost importance to increase transparency and to empower individuals to remain in control of their personal information. In this regard, the funded research project will examine the effectiveness of so-called nudging techniques as an instrument for consumer protection in the digital era.