Professor Thomes bei der Veranstaltungsreihe "Uni im Rathaus"


Professor Paul Thomes Speaks on the Subject of "Cashless Payment - Will we Soon be Getting Rid of Cash?"

At the latest "Uni im Rathaus" event on July 2, Professor Paul Thomes from the Chair of Economic and Social History and History of Technology at RWTH University spoke on the subject of "Cashless Payment" in the Coronation Hall of Aachen's Town Hall.

Together with Professor Roger Bons from the FOM University Centre Aachen and Ralf Wagemann from the Sparkasse Aachen bank, he discussed crypto currencies, blockchain technologies,and payment apps. As Professor Thomes is aware, there are many reasons for rejecting the maxim "Only cash is the truth". As he put it: "The provision of one euro costs about four euros - economically speaking." Yet about 97 percent of all payments of less than five euros are settled in cash in Germany.

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