Prof. Dr. Lisa Spantig is member of the Young Academy ("Junges Kolleg")

  Prof. Dr. Lisa Spantig

The North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts has presented junior professor Dr. Lisa Spantig from RWTH Aachen University with an important award. Together with Dr. Maike Dohrn, Dr. Jan Moritz Joseph and Dr. Julia Exarchos, she has been accepted into the Academy's Young Academy. Admission to the Young Academy is considered one of the most important awards for young academics in North Rhine-Westphalia. RWTH Aachen University has the most new members this year.

Lisa Spantig leads the Junior Professorship for Experimental Economic Research and focuses on financial inclusion, in particular access to financial services for people in poorer sections of the population, especially in countries of the Global South. Her research uses a combination of survey, weather and administrative data as well as decision experiments to investigate how financial services can be provided to these populations and how to deal more resiliently with shocks such as extreme weather events or pandemics.

Lisa Spantig is also only the fifth economist to be accepted since the Young Academy was launched in 2006 and the first woman!

Admission to the Young Academy brings members an annual grant of 10,000 euros and participation in Academy events. This is in recognition of outstanding scientific achievements, and Lisa Spantig is thus highlighted as an outstanding young scientist in the field of experimental economic research.