Prof. Dr. Maria Movsessian in Lokalzeit Aachen on the topic " Saviours of the Climate Crisis"


Prof. Dr Maria Movsessian, junior professor for energy management in developing countries at our faculty, was featured last week in the regional magazine "Lokalzeit Aachen" on WDR with an exciting and, above all, future-oriented project.

  Prof. Dr. Movsessian sits with students at a table © WDR Lokalzeit Aachen from July 13, 2023

Together with students from West Africa, she is currently working on the possibility of producing "green" hydrogen at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. The students are working primarily out of their own motivation. Because despite having the lowest CO2 emissions of its own, Africa is the continent that suffers the most from the consequences of climate change. 





"Our students are incredibly highly motivated. They have experienced this challenge personally and that is a very big motivation for them," Maria Movsessian proudly describes the cooperation in the project.

The entire report can now be viewed in the ARD Mediathek under this link (report from approx. minute 11:00).