Full House as First German in Space Speaks!

  Guest speaker Dr. Jähn on January 14 in the Couven Hall

On January 14, 2013 the Association of Friends and Supporters of the School of Business and Economics was proud to have the first German in space - Dr. Sigmund Jähn - as a guest speaker. Every seat was taken! The talk was given as part of the module "perspectives on mobility", which is itself part of the University's interdisciplinary Leonardo Project. The talk was organized by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Paul Thomes - a board member of the Association. This project adopts a holistic approach for pursuing the goal of enabling students to cross over the frontiers of disciplines and faculties/schools and to thus get acquainted with other, different ways of thinking. Students will become empowered to implement theoretical knowledge in a societally responsible manner. Another goal of the project is to acquaint students with "universitas" in the original sense of the word - as a scientific community.

For more detailed information about the project, please visit www.leonardo.rwth-aachen.de

  Copyright: © Martin Lux Professor Thomes - Board Member and Minute Keeper of the Association - Talking to Dr. Jähn