Doctoral Studies at the School of Business and Economics

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Generally speaking, it takes between 2 and 5 years to gain a doctoral degree. Although organization skills, self-discipline, motivation and independent studying are prerequisites for any academic degree, they are even more important when it comes to taking a doctoral degree. A doctoral degree takes several years to complete and unlike other academic degrees it is not broken down into clearly defined stages, but is a protracted process which calls for 'staying power', self-motivation and a certain degree of idealism.

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The Role of the Center for Doctoral Studies (§10)

The Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) is the center for providing continuing education and transferable skill training opportunities for doctoral candidates. Our staff organizes, plans, and hold courses for doctoral candidates to expand their interdisciplinary skills. Methodological and social skills are particularly valued...

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Published Doctoral Theses

Having gained a doctoral degree, a candidate is obliged to publish a specific number of copies of her or his doctoral thesis in order to make it available to the scientific and academic communities.



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