Date Name of Doctoral Candidate Title of the Doctoral Thesis
21.12.2022 Moschko, Lukas Managing digital innovation in established industrial companies
20.12.2022 Bobenhausen, Nils-Christian Equity rights offerings and corporate buybacks in an international context
16.12.2022 Antons, Oliver Distributing decision-making authority: Autonomous entities in manufacturing networks
12.12.2022 von Buttlar, Marie-Therese Antecedents and Consequences of Bundle Purchases in an E-Commerce Context
12.12.2022 Hesse, Simona M. Revisiting the Concept of Modularity in Product Development: A Digital Innovation Perspective
27.10.2022 Oidtmann, Julia Der Aufsichtsrat der Aktiengesellschaft
Vom unscheinbaren Abnickorgan zum kommunikativen Mitgestalter
25.10.2022 Maryska, Christian An Exploration of the Growth Potential of Suppliers’ Key Account Management Programs as well as Key Accounts in the Business-to-Business Market
18.10.2022 Porpiglia, Frandesco Mitigating Risk in EU Innovation Procurement: Methodologies and Impacts
11.10.2022 Weber, Saskia Manuela J. Understanding Harmonious and Obsessive Passion in Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents and Outcomes
06.10.2022 Gerecht, Svenja Perfectly Imperfect – A Consumer-Centered Perspective on Imperfection in Marketing Communications
20.09.2022 Kaupel, Elisa The C-Level’s Expert-Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Spirit: An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of CEOs and CFOs on Corporates’ Effectual Orientation
20.09.2022 Engels, Nina geb. Haarkötter The Rise of Chief Human Resource Officers: An Empirical Analysis of their Organizational Impact and Collaboration with Chief Executive Officers
14.09.2022 Kreuz, Markus Strategien zur Reduktion von CO2-Flottenemissionen in der Automobilindustrie - Dynamische Technologie- und Portfolioplanung aus Herstellerperspektive
07.09.2022 Gatzweiler, Birgit Kulturelle Werteidentität als Erfolgsfaktor bei der Internalisierung von externen Effekten vor dem Hintergrund der historischen Entwicklung der institutionellen Rahmenbedingungen am Fallbeispiel des philippinischen Bergbaus seit dem 15. Jahrhundert
23.08.2022 Woköck, Julian Christoph More than Money: A Differentiated Perspective on Venture Investors’ Value-Added
09.08.2022 Kandakoğlu, Makbule Robust Portfolio Decision Analysis - A Multicriteria Constrained Clustering Approach
02.08.2022 Peters, Robert Reziprozität von Struktur-Akteurs-Beziehungen und ihr Einfluss auf die Transformation einer Branche - Eine longitudinale Analyse der Aachener Nadelindustrie in drei Beiträgen
19.07.2022 Heuser, Patricia Employee Skill Development in Manufacturing: Consequences of Learning and Forgetting on Production Planning and Task Scheduling
04.07.2022 Hartwich, Nicole Janine Understanding the communication of errors and concerns in organizations: Multi-level perspectives on determinants and consequences of employee voice
22.06.2022 Köttnitz, Oliver A balancing act: Managerial short-termism and supply chain stability – an empirical investigation into antecedents and consequences of supply chain disruptions
14.06.2022 Vogt, Ireen geb. Kulish The Value of Digital Elements in the New Product Development Process – Analysis of Antecedents and Outcomes
10.06.2022 Schinner, Matthias Michael Competency Management and Development in Manufacturing Companies – Results from Survey and Simulation Studies
07.06.2022 Tornow, Mark Niklas Entrepreneurial Effectuation in SMEs – A Quantitative Investigation of Managerial Antecedents and Performance Consequences for R&D Collaborations
25.05.2022 Sommer, Valentin Design and evaluation of recycling and recovery infrastructures for glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics - An application in the wind energy industry
23.05.2022 Tilkes, Katja Rebecca Essays on Team Cooperation and on Job Satisfaction – Evidence from the Lab and from the Field
12.05.2022 Franzen, Christian Optimized Routing and Scheduling of Inter-Compound Transports in Finished Vehicle Logistics
06.05.2022 Jagdhuber, Alexander Antecedents and Outcomes of Consumer Behavior in Disjunct Customer-Consumer Purchase Constellations
03.05.2022 Atasoy, Ayse Tugba Strategic and Behavioral Responses of Consumers and Producers to Energy and Environmental Policies
29.04.2022 Gehring, Anian Understanding Entrepreneurial Team Decision-Making: The Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Outcomes of New Venture Team Illusion of Control
25.04.2022 Hunsdiek, Niklas External Corporate Venturing and how the Top Management Team is Shaping it
21.04.2022 Frei, Irina Essays on Careers of Junior Academics - Empirical Analyses on Career Goals, Working Time, and Job Satisfaction
29.03.2022 Wolff, Stefanie Regina Stated Preferences Concerning Private Passenger and Light-Duty Electric Vehicles in Germany
24.03.2022 Schiffer, Sarah, geb. Hagemann Social Media Motivation: Eine Analyse von Motivation und Verhalten anhand ausgewählter Social Media Plattformen
15.03.2022 Hackbarth, André Claude Private Households’ Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Germany – An Empirically Founded Analysis of Adoption Decisions, Willingness-to-Pay, and Policy Scenarios
03.03.2022 Stäbe, Lars Effectual Orientation of SME’s – How to Succeed Internationally
14.02.2022 Grau, Caroline Valentina Digital Entrepreneurship in the Blockchain Ecosystem: A Quantitative Investigation of Crowd Engagement, Individual Support and Venture Outcomes
11.02.2022 Rubin, Maike Workplace characteristics and employees’ well-being - Empirical analyses on job satisfaction, unhealthy lifestyles, and sickness absence
13.01.2022 Scheiper, Barbara Strategic planning of charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles considering interactions with the energy sector
06.01.2022 Lukner, Stephanie Understanding Antecedents and Outcomes of Private Label Brand Choice – An Empirical Analysis in a Multichannel Context
03.01.2022 Dirks, Nicolas Bernd Frank On the Transformation of Public Mobility Services toward more Sustainability