Career Service Offered by the School



The networking offer is aimed at alumni and students, as well as PhD students of the faculty. It offers its members a wide range of opportunities through cooperation with graduates, (regional) companies and the RWTH Aachen University. The website provides information about regular events and specialist lectures.


Collective Incubator

Founders of existing or planned Start-Ups can receive advice and individual support in all phases of building their brand. There are also offers for those interested in establishing a Start-Up.

Participants benefit, for example, from access to the RWTH infrastructure, a digital networking platform, events or the opportunity to consult an expert on subject-specific questions.

Find more information here.


Support for women in scientific careers

The School of Economics wants to support women in their academic careers. In the past, there has already been an exclusive event for female students interested in pursuing a Phd. Nevertheless, there is still great interest in supporting you on your way.We will update you about current events on our website.