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Within the individual study programs, theses may not be registered before the respective requirements for admission have been fulfilled for that program.

Students are expected to find a topic for their thesis by themselves. This may take the form of an idea submitted to a Chair specialized in the relevant field of research, or it may be a topic that a professor has suggested.

Here are the various research fields of the different Chairs.

Usually, after a topic has been selected, the student is granted a short period for getting acquainted with the subject matter. Then the student must register the title of the thesis by filling out the corresponding form (available from the Central Examination Office - ZPA). The form must be signed by the student, the first assessor and a second assessor. Pursuant to the Regulations for Examinations, a second assessor is always required and must be named at the onset. The Chairperson of the Examination Board will then approve the title of the thesis. The date of the latter's signature determines the date for thesis submission, which will be entered into the Campus system.

Permission to extend the submission deadline for the thesis will only be granted by the Chairperson of the Examination Board in exceptional, well founded cases. Such cases must be submitted to the Service Center of the School of Business and Economics as early as possible together with supporting documentary evidence.

Three copies of the completed thesis must have been submitted to the Central Examination Office by the deadline for submission. They will check the submission date and record the details. One copy must be given to each of the assessors and the third copy will be archived by the Examination Board.

Students are welcome to take advantage of the offerings of the Writing Center at RWTH Aachen University when writing their theses.