1. Registration procedure for examinations
  2. Procedure for and consequences of examination de-registration
  3. Questions about examination registration

Please note: You can find forms for examination registration and examination de-registration as well as step-by-step instructions in the download-area!


Important Notice: Registering for an Examination (2nd Examination Date)

If a student has submitted a sick certificate, failed to appear for an examination, or failed to pass an examination, the student may only register for the second examination date after the grades for the first examination date have been validated and up to seven days prior to the date of the second examination. An immediate registration via RWTHonline for the second examination date is only possible if the student deregistered from the first examination within the given deadlines (i.e. three working days prior to the date of the examination at the latest, whereby Saturday counts as a working day).

Special regulations apply with regard to examinations for courses with a limited number of participants:

In the case that a second examination date (PT2) is scheduled, it is only possible for a student to register for it using the online system up to the registration deadline for the first examination date (this is usually the end of the first week of lectures in a semester). After that, registration following withdrawal, submission of sick certificate or failure to pass the examination for the first examination date is only possible by emailing the corresponding registration form to pruefungen@wiwi.rwth-aachen.de .


Important Information on Examination Registration: First Examination Date PT1 or Second Examination Date PT2

Frequently Made Examination Registration Errors

Registering for the first and for the second examination date (PT).This is technically possible and cannot be altered by the system. However, only one of the two dates, i.e. the one that you register for first, will be allocated to you and submitted later to the Cental Examination Office (ZPA) as the relevant examination date.

So please double check your examination registration and ensure that you have only registered once, i.e. for the first examination date (PT1) or for the second one (PT2) via the modular registration prcedure. Up to the deadline that is given in the respective modular registration procedure, you can register and deregister as often as you like. If you realize that you have registered for both of the examination dates, please correct your registration!

What difference does it make if I register for examination date PT1 and not for PT2?

Registering for PT1 (recommended!): If you register for the first examination date via the modular registration procedure, you can, as a rule, withdraw from the examination via the VZPA (Virtual Central Examination Office) within the 3 working days prior to the examination date. Following a withdrawal, submission of a sick certificate, or a 5.0 grade in PT1, you are allowed to take part in the second examination. But please note that you must yourself have actively registered for the second examination date at least one week beforehand with the VZPA.

Registering for PT2 (be careful!):You are refraining from taking part in the first examination and are registering via the modular registration procedure directly for the second examination. Please bear in mind that the School of Business and Economics only offers examinations in the semester in which the course is also offered. This means that potentially a resit examination might not be possible until the next winter semester. Once the deadlines have expired, you cannot change your mind about examination registration dates!