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*** Die Praxisbörse der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften ***

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Highest Quality

The School of Business and Economics holds accreditation from the internationally renowned AACSB organization. In addition, we regularly rank among the top institutions for business and economics teaching. Both of these achievements reflect the quality of our teaching and research: we offer tomorrow's decision makers an excellent education in business and economics.

Central Point of Contact

Firms from a broad variety of industries and sizes appreciate our high standards in teaching and research and enjoy a fruitful collaboration with the School. Aware of our students' and graduates' comprehensive skills and knowledge, they regularly submit internship vacancies, regular job vacancies, and recruiting events. Currently, our database contains more than 120 vacancies from inside and outside of Germany and is, then, a central point of contact for our students.

A Mutual Interest

Have we awakened your firm's interest? We would like to create a win-win situation with your firm, too. Career entry programs and direct job openings are very popular with our students. And in the School's opinion, high quality internships are an integral part of an excellent education. We provide a platform where you can present your firm's vacancies to our students. Why not ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competititors when it comes to attracting new talent? We look forward to helping you!


*** Daten und Fakten zur Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften ***


For years now, RWTH Aachen University has observed substantial growth in the number of students choosing to study here. Practically all Bachelor's students of the School are obliged to do a business/economics-related internship as part of their program.

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