Information for Students


Internship Report: Submission and Recognition

Please note that the firm where the internship is to take place must have been authorized by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) or a similar institution to train people! Internship reports have to be submitted during the 6-month period following the end of the internship. It is currently not possible to submit an intership report via regular mail to the following address:

RWTH Aachen
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Templergraben 64, Raum 622

52056 Aachen

However, it is possible to submit an internship report digitally via email.

Internships in university institutes and affiliated institutes, part-time jobs, student assistant jobs, jobs in a student's own firm, or jobs in a firm belonging to a family relative of a student will not be recognized.

Students will find a selection of available internships here. However, we recommend that students consult other sources in addition.


Written Confirmation that an Internship Is Mandatory

Firms frequently request written confirmation that an intended internship is actually a mandatory component of a program of study. We can provide written confirmation for students on our School's B.Sc. in Business Administration program. Please send us an email and let us know if you need it. Your email should contain the following information:

  • Your degree program of study
  • Your matriculation number
  • Your date of birth
  • Name of the company offering the internship
  • Start date and end date of your internship
  • Any previously accredited period of mandatory internship (in weeks)

We will send you the written confirmation as a PDF file via e-mail.

Students on the Business Administration and Engineering program are kindly asked to apply to the internship office of their specific engineering specialization!


Typical Departments in a Firm

A business administrative internship can be undertaken in various departments of a firm. Depending on your specific interests and abilitites, the following are typical examples that you could select from:

1. Management accounting

2. Buying and procuring

3. Marketing

4. Human resources

5. Accounting and finance

6. Auditing

Recognition would also be possible in the following departments, provided that the focus of your work tasks during the internship is a business adminstrative one:

1. Materials management and logistics

  • will not be recognized: technical tasks (e.g. analyzing assembly processes or plant-layout planning (usually CAD-based tasks))
  • can be recognized: tasks involved in materials management, shipping, warehousing and inventory management

2. Production planning and control

  • will not be recognized: technical tasks (such as interventions in production and assembly processes - including the area of work preparation which can gain recognition as FP7 for students of Business Administration and Mechnaical Engineering)
  • can be recognized: tasks in the area of production program planning, sequence planning, deadline and capacity planning, order controlling and order monitoring, scheduling and material requirements planning, and production control

Please note: The sector "Project management" can also be acceptable as long as the work involved is of a business administrative nature. Project management of technical projects is not acceptable. In any case, please discuss intended internships in the sector of project management with us first beforehand!

If you are unsure about any aspects of an intended internship, please contact us beforehand for advice.
The above list is exemplary only and not exhaustive!


Areas that Will Fail to Gain Recognition

Generally speaking, the content of your internship must have a distinctive business adminstration orientation. It does not suffice if you are working in departments or areas which only interact with business adminstration departments! In particular, internship content which has a distinctive technical orientation will not be recognized by the Internship Office of the School.

Typical areas which will fail to gain recognition from the School are:

  • IT projects and IT consulting
  • Production and production optimization (in particular, changes to the production process)
  • Project management of technical projects (e.g. development projects)
  • Quality management

If you have any concerns that your intended internship might fail to gain recognition, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us first. Please note that the above list of typical areas which will fail to gain recognition makes no claim to be exhaustive!