Internships Abroad


In today's business world, it is usual to not only come into contact with business associates from abroad as well as from your own - potentially globally operating- firm but also to mix with international clients and suppliers. Very often, career paths can lead abroad on a temporary basis or, in some cases, on a more permanent one.

It is hardly suprising, then, that potential employers expect graduates to not only hold the necessary academic qualifications but also to be internationally oriented. Such orientation may be attested, for instance, by students having undertaken an internship abroad. Students who have completed an internship abroad have not only gained exciting experience but have also helped to train their character and demonstrated above average engagement and flexibility. Not least, an internship abroad entails a considerable amount of planning and organizing on the part of the student!

We should like to provide on the following pages some sources of information and opportunities for funding with regard to an internship abroad:

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