Master Thesis


Master Thesis

Students can commence with their Master thesis when the admission requirements of the respective Examination Regulations have been fulfilled. The form required for registering the Master thesis is available from the Central Examination Office (ZPA), which will also check fulfillment of the admission requirements. Only in exceptional cases will the ZPA grant admission before fulfillment of the admission requirements, e.g. when only one mandatory module still has to be completed. In such cases, a written application must be made to the Examination Board. The application must have been approved beforehand by the academic member of staff who provided the topic for the Master thesis

The required form for registering the Master thesis needs to be signed by the student, the professor, the chairperson of the Examination Board, and the Central Examination Office (ZPA). Due to this procedure, approximately 2 weeks will elapse before the registration process is complete.

The completed Master thesis must be submitted threefold:

  • two (paper-based) copies including a digital version for both of the assessors
  • one digital version (preferably a CD) for the archives

The three versions are submitted to the Central Examination Office, which will check that the submission deadline has been complied with

Please use the following Form for the digital CD version