Accreditation of Modules Taken During Studies Abroad


The curricula for the MSc. in Business Administration does not prescribe a period of study abroad. However, should you wish to have modules accredited that you took during a period of study abroad, please note the following procedure:

The general procuedure and a list of previously accredited modules from universities outside Germany are available under the heading "Academic Advising".

With specific regard to the M.Sc. in Business Administration, it should additionally be noted that you need to submit a letter requesting that an amendment be made to the curriculum, and that you must submit evidence - in addition to the module descriptions officially provided by the university abroad - that all modules involved are Master-level modules. With regard to the amendment to the curriculum, please also ensure that you clearly state the section for which module accreditation is desired: General Core Elective Section or Specialized Core Elective Section (Allgemeiner oder Spezieller Wahlpflichtbereich).