Study Organization


Examination Regulations/Module Handbooks

Since the winter semester 2015/2016, the general Examination Regulations (ÜPO) have been in force for all enrolled students. These regulations always have to be read in conjunction with the subject-specific Examination Regulations (SMPO).

In the download section below, you will find the respective examination regulations (ÜPO and SMPO).

To access the relevant semester-specific module handbook for Examination Regulations PO21, please see the download in RWTHonline under

-> Degree Programs

-> 88 Master (1-Subject)

-> 210 Business Administration (PO 21)

please click on the book icon.

As of the winter semester 20/22, by default it will only be possible to access the module handbook for Examination Regulations PO21. If you should need a module handbook for PO13, please change the semester back to SS 21.


New Examination Regulations Come into Force as of Winter Semester 2021/22

New Examination Regulations (PO) will come into force as of the winter semester 2021/22. They will differ from PO 2013 in the following aspects:

  • Econometrics is no longer mandatory
  • accordingly, the general mandatory section will be reduced to 15 ECTS credit points and
  • the general core elective section will be increased to 35 ECTS credit points

Since July 2021, students have the opportunity to voluntarily switch to studying in accordance with the new Examination Regulations as long as they have not completed their degree program in the semester in which the application is made. Applications can be made via this Form which should be submitted to the Examination Board. Students should note the following deadlines for submission:

  • August 1 for the following winter semester and
  • February 1 for the following summer semester.

Please note that any forms that are submitted after these deadlines cannot be taken into consideration for the respective following semester.

Changing to the new Examination Regulations is a binding and irrevocable step. If a student has already successfully completed the Econometrics module in accordance with Examination Regulations 2013, the module can be transferred to the new Examination Regulations in various ways. The applicant can specify their choice in the form.

The transfer to the new Examination Regulations will be undertaken by the system at the start of the semester. However, due to the necessary manual adaptions that have to be carried out by staff of the Central Examination Office (ZPA), previous examination activities will not be shown until later in the semester.

The Master's Degree in Business Administration can be studied in accordance with Examination Regulations PO 2013 until the summer semester 2024. If a student has not successfully completed the degree program by September 30, 2024, they will be automatically transferred to Examination Regulations 2021.


Standard Curriculum

The standard curriculum - incorporating the mandatory section, the general core elective section, and the specializations - is available in the download area below.

Please also note that the allocation of the modules might change, so that you must consult the latest module handbook before you make any final choice.


Supplementary Module Offerings

In addition to the regular module offerings and the semester-specific "Aktuelle Themen" (Current Topics), there is also the possibility for students to take so-called imported modules. These can be found in the appendix of the current Examination Regulations. A maximum of 15 ECTS credit points is allowed for such modules. Please observe the respective module-specific curricular allocation.