Examination Board


Examination Board

The School of Business and Economics established an Examination Board that is responsible for organizing examinations and for carrying out the duties documented in the Regulations for Examinations ("Prüfungsordnung"). The Board is composed of

  • a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and further members who stem from the group of professors in the corresponding areas of study.
  • a member who stems from the group of academic staff
  • two members who stem from the group of student representatives

The Board ensures that the contents of the Regulations for Examinations are adhered to and that all examinations are conducted in the approriate manner. The Board is, in particular, responsible for decision making in cases of appeal against decisions made during the examination procedure. The Board makes suggestions on reforming the Regulations for Examinations and curricula and discloses the distribution of grades. As a rule, the chairperson may carry out all duties on behalf of the Board with the exception of decisions on appeals and the report to the School of Business and Economics.

The Examination Board convenes in closed sessions during the lecture period. All correspondence to the Board must be submitted in written form at least one week before the next session is scheduled. Correspondence can be submitted by regular mail or handed in personally during office hours or placed in the blue mailbox in front of the office door (room 623, Templergraben 64).

The address for correspondence is:

Prüfungsausschuss Bachelorstudium BWL
Univ.-Prof. Dr. D. Wentzel
c/o Dipl.-Kff. Janny Franken-Vogts
Templergraben 64
52056 Aachen