Examination Board Resolutions

  • Reduction of the required number of ECTS credit points for admission to the core elective section from 69 to 57 (in anticipation of the corresponding modifications of the BPO Examination Regulations, this reduction has already applied since the summer semester 2015).


  •  BAföG grant eligibility for the B.Sc. in Business Administration program of study:

    for students who have been enrolled since the winter semester 2012/2013, eligibility is demonstrated by their

    • having at least 80 ECTS credit points after the 4th semester
    • having at least 100 ECTS credit points after the 5th semester
    • having at least 120 ECTS credit points after the 6th semester

The form "Formblatt 5" -  issued by the BAföG office - should be submitted to the School's Academic Advising Services for inspection.

For those students who enrolled prior to the winter semester 2012/2013, the older regulations retain their validity.