Basic Skills


Information on Basic Skills

There is a wide choice of basic skills - or "soft skills" - modules (see module catalogue or module handbook)

Please note:

Registration for language modules takes place very early on. Since students from all programs of study are entitled to register, the demand is rather intense and the modules are fully booked very quickly. B.Sc. in Business Administration students have a privileged position when it comes to registering for a language course. If assessments from language courses are not transferred automatically to the Central Examination Board (Zentrale Prüfungsamt - ZPA), please present evidence of your having taken the course to the ZPA yourself or apply in writing to them for accreditation.

If you take a module from the "Ethics" range, please ensure afterwards that you are provided with evidence of the module title, the semester, the teacher, the SWS semester week hours, credit points and grade. You can then submit these to the ZPA with your application for accreditation.


Exactly 6 ECTS credit points are required from basic skills modules.

Should you have taken too many modules, please consult the relevant webpage for details.