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Datum Name Promovend Titel der Promotion
31.05.2023 Kellerhaus, Sascha Michael Revenue Model Innovations for Competitive Product-Service Systems: Overcoming the Service Paradox
24.05.2023 Schildmann, Micha The Rise of Social Media: An Empirical Analysis of The Effect of Social Media on Consumers, Investors, and Companies
24.05.2023 Abdelshafy, Ali Ezzat A. Towards climate-neutral and circular industrial systems – Approaches for integrated modelling, assessment and planning at regional level
16.05.2023 Thole, Frank Holger Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Industry: Drivers to Improve Synergy Realization
04.05.2023 Schumacher, Andreas Samuel Mechanisms and corresponding tradeoffs of family firms’ social and environmental responsibility
26.04.2023 Droege, Cara Julietta Pitusa The Paradox of Inter-Firm Coopetition: A Quantitative Investigation of Industry-Level Antecedents and Firm-Level Outcomes
05.04.2023 Eisele, Sebastian The Capability Perspective of Organizational Agility: Understanding Enablers, Value-Creating Mechanisms, and Consequences
04.04.2023 Fabry, Hannah Rita Katharina Strategic Change in Incumbent Organizations: A Behavioral Perspective
28.03.2023 Nagel, Fabian Hartmut A Temporal Perspective on Organizational Aspirations: Performance Feedback as a Stimulus for Corporate Entrepreneurship
14.03.2023 Siebrand, Martin An Empirical Exploration of Fear of Failure in Active Entrepreneurs: Motivational Effects, Evoked Behaviors, and Suitable Coping Strategies
02.03.2023 Bernstein, Roland The Responsiveness of Energy Demand to Economic Factors: Econometric Analyses on the Sectoral Level of OECD Countries
27.02.2023 Hannes, Christian Die Transformation von Entscheidungsproblemen in Entscheidungschancen durch eine geführte Reflexion von Werten
21.02.2023 Paul, Alexander The Role of Identity for Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity in Incumbent Firms
15.02.2023 Müller, Torbjörn Anton Investments in sustainability – The role of corporate social responsibility and discounting behavior
08.02.2023 Frank, Laura On the Integration of Shared Mobility Services in Public and Corporate Mobility Systems
07.02.2023 Gätjen, Justus Ecosystem Intermediaries and new Ventures: How Startup Accelerators Impact Venture Development
31.01.2023 Wedel, Florian An Analysis of Executive Power in Today’s Top Management Teams
31.01.2023 Becker, Markus Myopic Marketing and R&D Management in the Context of IPOs: An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents, Contingencies and Anticipated Consequences
27.01.2023 van Dyck, Marc Emergence, Evolution, and Management of Innovation Ecosystems
24.01.2023 Savelsberg, Thomas Der Verbandsstrafenregress im Sportrecht  – citius, altius, fortius?
19.01.2023 Dienhart, Christina D. Determinants and Dynamics of Regional Innovation Ecosystems: A Multi-Level Approach
19.01.2023 Korneeva, Ekaterina Essays on Data Privacy and Corporate Digital Responsibility
17.01.2023 Kovacevic, Dragana A Quantitative Investigation of Top Management Executives in Operations as a Source of Supply Chain Resilience
04.01.2023 Klöckner, Kai Interdependencies between Economic and Environmental Performance: Econometric Analyses of the Pollution Intensity and the External Costs of Companies, as well as Simulations of the Effects of Energy Decarbonization