Mündliche Prüfung


Termine der mündlichen Prüfungen

Datum Name Ort Uhrzeit Titel Dissertation
Mo, 06.02.2023 Herr Ronald Bernstein Zoom Videokonferenz 14:00 Uhr The Responsiveness of Energy Demand to Economic Factors: Econometric Analyses on the Sectoral Level of OECD Countries
Fr, 03.02.2023 Herr Alexander Paul Büropark Kackertstr. 7, Raum B301 10:00 Uhr Essays on the Role of Identity for Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity in Incumbent Firms
Mo, 30.01.2023 Herr Andreas Samuel Schumacher Zoom Videokonferenz 15:30 Uhr Mechanisms and corresponding tradeoffs of family firms’ social and environmental responsibility
Mo, 30.01.2023 Herr Jan Müller Zoom Videokonferenz 10:00 Uhr Strategic Orientation and CEO Characteristics: An Analysis of Firm-specific Antecedents of Interfirm Coopetition
Mi, 25.01.2023 Herr Sebastian Eisele Zoom Videokonferenz 10:00 Uhr The Capability Perspective of Organizational Agility: Understanding Enablers, Value-Creating Mechanisms, and Consequences
Di, 17.01.2023 Frau Laura Frank Büropark Kackertstr. 7, Raum B201 09:00 Uhr On the Integration of Shared Mobility Services in Public and Corporate Mobility Systems