Date Name of Doctoral Candidate Title of the Doctoral Thesis
22.12.2021 Nolting, Lars Friedrich Die Versorgungssicherheit mit Elektrizität im Kontext von Liberalisierung und Energiewende
12.11.2021 Dewes, Tobias Wissensmanagement – Die Universität als innovatives Unternehmen? Eine longitudinale und wissenstheoretische Analyse des Wissenstransfers in höheren Bildungseinrichtungen

Jörg, Johannes Ferdinand

Nonparametric Estimation of Customer Segments with Panel Data
01.10.2021 Thome, Annika Investigating graph theoretical modelling aspects corning from practical optimization problems
22.09.2021 Minski, Damian Michal What are the drivers, facilitators, and hindrances of business model innovation? – Exploring individual and organizational antecedents of BMI
20.09.2021 Köster, Nils Essays on User Adoption of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
14.09.2021 Ntzemou, Konstantina Die rufschädigende Beendigung des Beschäftigungs-verhältnisses eines GmbH-Geschäftsführers
10.09.2021 Leckel, Anja A Social Capital Perspective on Open Innovation Ecosystems and Platform Governance
30.07.2021 Doré, Larissa Alexandra Strategische Planung von Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken zur Produktion von synthetischen Kraftstoffen auf Basis erneuerbarer Energien – Ein Ansatz unter Berücksichtigung saisonaler Schwankungen der Inputs
08.07.2021 Schoss, Stephanie Irmgard, geb. Stierlen-Schwartz Team Composition of Entrepreneurial Teams: The Impact of Deep-Level Diversity on Team Effectiveness
08.07.2021 Vaupel, Mario Corporate share repurchases and the trade-off between distribution and development: An empirical investigation of resource allocation mechanisms and long-term implications
30.06.2021 Brune, Nicolas Bastian On the path to Industry 4.0. An empirical analysis of the performance effects and antecedents of digital technology adoption in manufacturing"
28.06.2021 Droege, Bardo Martin Pablo A Quantitative Investigation of Strategic Orientations in the Context of Initial Public Offerings
28.06.2021 Schulz, Colin Transitioning Towards Smart Products: An Empirical Analysis of Capabilities and Processes Needed in Manufacturing Firms
17.06.2021 Strunz, Alexander Rudolf How can small and medium-sized enterprises improve their international performance? The role of managerial social capital and entrepreneurial orientation
01.06.2021 Gerst, Benedikt Maximilian Discontinuous Career Patterns and Manager Remuneration: Exploring the Role of Career Interruptions and Experience Abroad
01.06.2021 Gonzalo Garcia de Lomana Rodriguez Digital Orientation: The Influence of the Top Management Team in the Digitalization of the Company
21.05.2021 Brenk, Sebastian Open Value Creation and Business Model Innovation: Managing Openness for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
20.05.2021 Preuße, Laurenz Assessing Drivers of Manipulative Investment Strategies in the Context of Initial Public Offerings
20.05.2021 Preuß, Melanie Ingeborg Henny Smartphones auf Rädern - Ist ein Paradigmenwechsel im Straßenverkehrsrecht unter Bezugnahme auf das Haftungsrecht beim Einsatz hoch- und vollautomatisierter sowie vollautonomer Fahrzeuge überflüssig oder längst überfällig?
17.05.2021 Speil, Alexander The abductive research framework Application in an econometric context
11.05.2021 Grage, Katrin, geb. Bockholdt Understanding Private Label Consumers in Fashion E-Commerce
05.05.2021 Seegerer, Marie Kristin Mobile Consumer Behavior - The Role of Information Processing, Environmental Influences, and Individual Differences for End-to-end Mobile Consumer Decision Making
28.04.2021 Schade, Achim Exploring the ‘good’ Strategy: Outcomes, Antecedents, and Moderating Effects of Organizational Virtue Orientation
21.04.2021 Fey, Jan Simon Revisiting the Concept of Absorptive Capacity – Towards Greater Theory Building and More Empirical Rigor
14.04.2021 Kruse, Sebastian CEO Personality as a Microfoundation of Organizational Processes and Performance: An Analysis of Narcissism, Maximizing Behavior, and Positive Affect
12.04.2021 Pruschak, Gernot Ethical and Responsible Behavior in Applied Empirical Research: Four Essays on Academic Practices in the Social Sciences
31.03.2021 Zaazoua, Aly Ismail Hussein Customers, Careers, and Politics: Market-Based Consequences and Managerial Determinants of Share Repurchases
26.03.2021 Laukien, Christian Objektbasierte Pfadabhängigkeit - Ein Beitrag zur Stabilität von Unternehmensstrategien mit einem Beispiel aus der Energiewirtschaft
24.03.2021 Reck, Friederike Sophie Exploring Ethical Behavior in Family Firms and the Influencing Role of Organizational Identity
05.03.2021 Noll, Elisabeth Management of Information Processes in the Workplace: Implications of Contextual Factors and Decision Makers’ Individual Factors
23.02.2021 Katerusha, Dmytro Obstacles to the widespread use of recycled concrete in building construction in Germany - causes and possible solution approaches
02.02.2021 Jörling, Johannes Moritz Drivers and consequences of social perception of agentic technologies