Application for Admission to the Doctoral Examination (§12)


Having completed the doctoral thesis (§ 5), the doctoral candidate should apply in writing to the Doctoral Admissions Board at the School of Business and Economics for Admission to the Doctoral Examination (Sample of application for admission). The application must contain the following information:

  • The name of the person who has mainly supervised the doctoral thesis,
  • A declaration by the candidate that she or he has written the doctoral thesis or respective contribution to joint essays by herself or himself pursuant to §5 Subsection 2 and has acknowledged all materials used in the thesis,
  • A declaration as to whether any previous attempt to gain a doctoral degree has been made, the outcome of such, details of the date, the university and the school or department involved and the topic of the doctoral thesis,
  • Written confirmation that the doctoral candidate is aware of and has applied RWTH Aachen University's Basic Principles for Ensuring Good Academic Practice,
  • The decision made by the doctoral candidate as to whether she or he consents to allow listeners or other guests to attend the oral examination (defense).
  • For all doctoral candidates studying according to the Examination Regulations (Promotionsordnung) of 14.12.2020 and later: Written confirmation that the candidate has completed the course "RWTH Basic Principles for Ensuring a Good Academic Practice" or that the candidate has completed an equivalent course at a different institution.

The Following Documents Must be Submitted with Your Application for Admission to the Doctoral Examination (§ 12)

  1. a full resumé in tabular form which contains the candidate's personal and academic profiles. If appropriate, publications should be listed, as should conference presentations.
  2. the required certificates and documentary evidence pursuant to §§ 8 to 9.
  3. Progress Sheet (for courses in the Center for Doctoral Studies (§ 10)).
  4. a Certificate of Good Conduct ("Führungszeugnis"), type O, issued by the Federal Central Criminal Registry and available from the Registration Office (Einwohnemeldeamt). Please ask for the certificate to be sent straight to the Dekanat für Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Submission of such a certificate may be waived if the candidate is employed in the civil or the ecclesiastic service.
  5. Three copies of the doctoral thesis pursuant to § 5 Subsection 1 in bound form (with the following title page: Titelblatt) together with an electronic version as a PDF file on a data carrier; Or 3 copies of at least 3 current papers pursuant to § 5 Subsection 2. The papers need to have a common introduction  that addresses the pertinent research and the issues being dealt with.
  6. In the case of joint essays, the applicant must submit a declaration indicating the extent of her or his contribution to each respective essay, together with written confirmation by the respective co-authors that they are in agreement with the submission of the essays; see Erklärung des Betreuers, Erklärung des Bewerbers und der Koautoren).
  7. a 1- to 2-page printed abstract of the doctoral thesis.
  8. The names of the assessors and proposals for further members of the Doctoral Committee pursuant to § 3 Subsection 3; see Gutachterbenennung und Vorschlag für die weiteren Mitglieder der Promotionskommission