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Founded in 2016, RWTH Business School bundles the continuing education offerings of the School of Business and Economics. At the heart of Germany's leading technical university, it offers programs focused on developing entrepreneurs who are able to turn new technologies into viable and socially responsible business models. The link between technology and management takes a central role. Due to its international orientation, RWTH Business School offers all programs except the Executive MBA in English.

The aim is to optimally prepare managers for the professional challenges of the future. These arise from the increasingly rapid pace of technology-driven innovations that are radically changing established industries and their process landscapes.

The programs are aimed at university graduates with initial work experience, but also at specialists and managers with more in-depth professional experience. What they all have in common is that both management skills and mastery of current technologies are equally part of the curriculum. In addition to part-time and full-time master's degree programs, in-house programs tailored to individual companies are also offered.

The following private programs of study are offered: