Scholarships and Financing Opportunities


The costs and how to finance them are certainly a decisive factor when deciding on where to study abroad. Universities in most countries charge quite high fees. Students from Germany are only exempted from such fees if they are taking part in a student exchange program.

Of course, when students from Germany go abroad to study, they also have to consider living costs (renting somewhere to live, food, clothing, health insurance, transport). In many countries, these costs are a lot higher than they are in Germany. This means that studying abroad is often going to be a lot more expensive than studying in Germany. Students should also consider - particularly if they are going to study in a country outside of Europe - the costs involved in travelling to that country (plane tickets). You will find some information about this on the webpages on the respective countries or in the reports written by previous exchange students. Students should also realize that they might decide to visit various locations in the country of their choice, or even visit nearby countries. This would entail travelling costs that should not be underestimated.

Students might also fund their period of study abroad by their own means or, under certain conditions, they might apply for financial support (e.g. via DAAD, ERASMUS, BAFöG etc.)


Financing options

Overview of financing options:


Bafög (German student loan) for studying abroad​


  • Funding opportunity for outside Europe
  • Study-related internships abroad are also funded
  • PROMOS scholarship
  • PROMOS flyer
  • 2021 Focus on Sustainability

Scholarship Programme "Metropolises in Eastern Europe​"

  • Funding for a stay abroad, usually lasting one year
  • Further information: MiO_Flyer
Fellowship for Student Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (GFPS) Scholarships

Down Under study grant

College Contact

  • Granting of partial scholarships of € 1,000 each if the stay abroad is organised as a FREEMOVER via College Contact
  • More information about the scholarships and the application procedure can be found on the homepage of College Contact

German Academic Exchange Service​ (DAAD)

Education loan

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