ACISS 2018 – A Review


RWTH Aachen University’s School of Business and Economics hosted the fourth Aachen International Summer School in Research Methods and Data Science (ACISS) from August 27 to September 28, 2018. The curriculum comprised eight intensive, five-day courses held by nine outstanding instructors from the Imperical College London, the Universidad de Chile, the University of Vienna and RWTH Aachen University. The program’s overall reception among participants was consistently positive, as the following survey results demonstrate:

  • 96% of all asked participants would recommend ACISS
  • 93% of all asked participants were satisfied with the choice of lecturers
  • 98% of all participants are satisfied with the overall organization.

Moreover, participants express their appreciation of the program and demonstrate its relevance not only for PhD students and post-docs, but also for research interested Master students in the following statements:

  • PhD
    • “I really enjoyed the course! Super helpful and valuable for my PhD. Should be required for every PhD student.”
    • “Provided me with knowledge helpful to kick-start my dissertation and helped to get in touch with other PhD students.”
  • Master
    • “Interesting and helpful topics for my later research.”
    • “Very knowledgeable lecturers, very useful content and interesting other students that enhanced the level of the class.”
  • General
    • “Good learning atmosphere, friendly and engaged people.”
    • “The course was amazing! I had a really nice group, good teachers and really helpful issues.”

Below, you can find some further statistics that provide a good overview of last year’s ACISS program.

  • 185 participants
    • 32% PhD students (7% external PhDs)
    • 68% Master students
  • Average course evaluation
    • Instructors: 1.2
    • General: 1.4

We hope our review has awakened your interest for the 2019 Aachen International Summer School in Research Methods and Data Science (ACISS). We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of this year’s courses!