Introduction to Applied Advanced Econometrics



This course introduces the econometric methods needed for the analysis of panel data and teaches the implementation application of these methods using the econometric software STATA. The goal of the course is both to be able to replicate and evaluate the output of applied academic articles and to design and conduct an empirical study.

Teaching Objectives

  • Understanding and applying advanced econometric methods designed for panel data.
  • Students learn to evaluate existing studies and to conduct their own empirical research.


  • There are no formal requirements for this course, but it will be assumed that all students are familiar with basic Statistics and Econometrics. There will be a short recap of the relevant parts of Statistics and Econometrics at the beginning of the course. In addition, the literature references below provide sources for preparatory reading on the principles of Econometrics.


  • Presentation of empirical project (part of dissertation or master thesis); alternatively presentation of assigned research article.
  • Applied class exercises (master students need to hand these in at the end of the week).


  • For students of the Master's degree in Business Administration (RWTH) and Master's degree in Economics (RWTH), this course can be credited in all specializations.