Permitted calculator models


This translation is for your convenience. Only the original German version is legally binding.

The examiners of the modules offered by the School of Business and Economics have agreed on the following regulations for examinations in which calculators are permitted aids:

The use of a calculator is only allowed if it belongs to one of the following three model series:

  • Casio fx-82,
  • Texas Instruments TI-30X II,
  • Sharp EL-531 or EL-W531.

The use of other calculator models will be forwarded to the responsible examination board for examinations with the beginning of the summer semester 2023 as a suspected case of cheating (unauthorized aid). An attempt to cheat will be sanctioned with the grade "U - cheating – 5,0 failed".

You can check for yourself whether a calculator belongs to one of the three model series by comparing the model designation affixed to the calculator by the manufacturer with the designations given above: If there is a complete match, the model is allowed. If the model designation on the calculator is more extensive, i.e. there are more numbers and letters following the model designation shown above on the calculator, the model is also permitted. In all other cases, the calculator model is not allowed! Any predecessor or successor models not included in the list above are also not allowed.

Furthermore, for e-exams, it is up to the chairs to additionally or exclusively allow the calculator provided by the Dynexite-System on the computer in the e-examination rooms as an aid. This will then be announced accordingly by the chair.

Please make sure that you can hold one of the above permissible models in the exam!