Living in Aachen

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To get the most out of your studies you also need to get your life in Aachen well organized! The following is a list of places that are there to help you. 

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Johannes-Paul-II.-Straße 1
52062 Aachen

Hackländerstraße 1
52064 Aachen

If you come to live in Aachen, you have to officially register as a resident. You can do this at the "Bürgerservice" which can be accessed at two different locations.
Mensa Menus We don't want any of our students to go hungry! Take a look at the menus of the various university canteens.
Bus Timetable Apart from a bicycle, a bus is a very important mode of transport for Aachen's students. The ASEAG bus timetable will tell you where a particular bus leaves from and goes to and whether it has been delayed or not.
Info on Semester Ticket The Semester Ticket does not restrict your travel to within Aachen's boundaries only; it can be used to travel further afield. Check here to see where exactly it entitles you to travel to, and where not!