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Do you have lots of questions that you need answers to? We know that starting university isn't easy - there's so much to attend to and be aware of. To help you to get your studies organized, RWTH Aachen offers plenty of help and advice on its website. But what happens if you aren't sure what exactly it is that you are looking for?

RWTH Aachen also offers several systems - such as RWTHmoodle or RWTHonline - that can help you to get organized. But what are the different systems intended for? Please take a look at the following collection of helpful links.

Link Description
General information on studying at RWTH Aachen University Here you can find general information on studying at RWTH Aachen, e.g. enrollment, re-enrollment, leave of absence, etc.

Studying with the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University


Here you can find detailed information about your program of study, e.g. the curriculum, examination regulations, course catalogues, etc.
RWTHonline RWTHonline enables you to organize your studies, e.g. timetables, exams, etc.


In RWTHmoodle, teaching staff can deposit their teaching materials for the respective lectures/classes. In some cases, eLearning courses are available.
eLearning Products and Services Find out what the School offers by way of eLearning products and services!
Education Fund

Even as a first-year student, you are entitled to apply for a scholarship. As part of  RWTH Aachen University's Education Fund program, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers the Germany Scholarship, which you might qualify for.

University Library RWTH Aachen
Textbook Collection
Library of the School of Business and Economics
You can borrow books that you need for your studies from the various libraries of the University. Numerous copies of the textbooks that you will need for the first few semesters are usually available in the Textbook Collection or in the School's Library.
RWTH Navigator Here you can find help with getting around the campus and finding the different lecture halls.
Study Rooms

No space in your apartment? You need a change of scenery? You don't like studying by yourself? Then check out this list of study rooms.


The internal Wiki of RWTH Aachen University is currently under development as an information platform for University employees and students. It includes comprehensive information about key legal basics, University-specific regulations and working processes relating to examination, course, and student management. It can only be accessed via the RWTH server, otherwise via a VPN connection.

RWTH Social Media You can also get a lot of information on RWTH Aachen via the social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
The RWTH BlueCard The BlueCard has many different uses, e.g. it can serve as a library lending card, student ID card, or you can pay for your university canteen meals with it, for instance. For more detailed information, please visit this link.
Erstsemester Blog

Finally, previous first-year students talk about their own experiences and provide helpful advice in this blog.