Chair of Management Accounting - MaCoCo Project


The MaCoCo – Management Cockpit for university chair Controlling - project aims to develop a software solution for RWTH University chairs in order to facilitate their management and accounting. The key elements of the project comprise enhanced resource management, enhanced third party project management as well as enhanced employee and project planning.

Currently the approximately 400 chairs of RWTH Aachen University are working with their own individual - usually self-devised - solutions, a situation which unfortunately fails to address some important aspects. All of these aspects will now be addressed and standardized by the MaCoCo software.

Two chairs of RWTH Aachen University will be collaborating on the project. The conceptual design of the project will be undertaken by the Chair of Management Accounting, which is held by Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe, whereas the implementation work will be conducted by the Chair of Software Engineering, held by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe.

To satisfy all the needs of the different chairs, the concept of agile development will be applied. Agile development is based on short, 1-4 week cycles - so-called sprints - which include the conception of software features in cooperation with lead users, implementation, and testing. By involving lead users from different institutes and faculties and schools throughout the University in the process of development ensures that the software will match the specific requirements of all its future users.

The project will be monitored by a steering committee: a selected group of people comprising representatives of the staff councils, data protection unit, and the University’s administration.

The aim of the MaCoCo project is to release a tested, ready-to-use software which meets the specific requirements of all the University chairs and which solves many of the currently existing problems.