Awards and Prizes Given by the School and by the University


Publication Award of the School of Business and Economics

The Publication Award is presented for outstanding publication achievements of academic staff members of the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University. Each year, up to 3 individuals receive the Publication Award.

Award Winners 2021:

  • Herr Dr. Maximilian Löffler
  • Herr Dr. Marc Rößler

Award Winners 2020:

  • Herr Dr. Tristan Becker
  • Herr Dr. Dominik Goeke

Award Winners 2019:

  • Herr Dr. Enrico Bartolini
  • Herr Moritz Jörling, M.Sc.

Award Winners 2018:

  • Herr Juniorprofessor Dr. phil. Robert Böhm
  • Herr Dr. Dominik Goeke

Award Winners 2017:

  • Herr Dr. David Bendig
  • Herr Dr. Maximilian Schiffer

Award Winners 2016:

  • Herr Dr. Kalender Can Soypak
  • Herr Dr. Steffen Herbert Strese

Award Winners 2015:

  • Frau Dr.rer.pol. Kirsten Thommes
  • Herr Juniorprofessor Dr. phil. Robert Böhm

Award Winners 2014:

  • Frau Dr.rer.pol. Tessa Flatten
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. David Antons

Award Winners 2013:

  • Frau Prof. Dr. Vera Blazevic
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. René Mauer

Award Winners 2012:

1st prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Jan Kemper
2nd prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Ralph Breuer

Award Winners 2011:

1st prize:Herr Oliver Schilke, Ph.D

2nd prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Marcus Kunter

Award Winners 2010:

  • 1st prize: Herr Privatdozent Dr.rer.pol. Guido Schryen
  • 2nd prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Robin Kleer
  • 3rd prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Florian Heinemann

Award Winners 2009:

  • 1st prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Andreas Engelen
  • 2nd prize: Herr Dr.rer.pol. Christian Schmitz

Friedrich-Wilhelm Award

Every year, RWTH Aachen University presents the Friedrich-Wilhelm Award to students, doctoral degree holders and post-doctoral Habilitation degree holders at RWTH Aachen University in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.

The award is donated by the foundation of the same name, which was established in 1865 by the legal predecessors of today's insurance company, the Aachener and Münchener Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The award is intended to support research and teaching at RWTH Aachen University and also to support individual students and young scientists. The name of the foundation dates back to the Prussian Crown Prince, who later became Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm III. In 1858, he was presented by the Aachener and Münchener Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft with a donation of 5,000 German Talers in order to found a polytechnical institute in the Rhine Province. This donation formed the basis of the Friedrich-Wilhelm Foundation, which was subsequently established, and which itself formed the basis of today's RWTH Aachen University.

Award Winner 2022 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr. rer. pol. Lars Friedrich Nolting: Die Versorgungssicherheit mit Elektrizität im Kontext von Liberalisierung und Energiewende (Dissertation)

Award Winner 2021 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Stefan Bomsdorf, M.Sc.: Exact and Heuristic Solution of the Time-Dependent Truck Driver Scheduling and Routing Problem with Two Types of Breaks (Master-Thesis)

Award Winner 2020 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr. rer. pol. Sebastian Goderbauer: Mathematical Optimization in Practice:
    Energy Systems and Political Districting (Dissertation)
  • Herr Tim Hilbrecht, M. Sc.: Entwicklung eines Optimierungsmodells für Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke zur Herstellung strombasierter Kraftstoffe (Master-Thesis)

Award Winner 2019 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr. rer. pol. Stephan Martin Hankammer: Essays on customized and collaborative value creation from the perspective of sustainability (Dissertation)
  • Frau Dr. rer. pol. Annika Wiecek: Product design and its influence on consumers' behavior (Dissertation)
  • Herr Privatdozent Dr. rer. pol. David Antons (Habilitation)

Award Winner 2018 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Frau Dr.rer.pol. Laura Elisabeth Hombach
    Robust and sustainable supply chains: A case study of the German biofuel sector (Dissertation)
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Maximilian Schiffer
    Logistics networks with intermediate stops - Designing innovative and green solutions (Dissertation)

Award Winner 2017 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. David Bendig
    The Link between Production and Finance: How Inventory Affects Risk and Returns (Dissertation)
  • Frau Anja Leckel, M.Sc.
    Scaling proximity in broadcast search: The impact of reduced spatial distance on the formation of alliances, trust and organizations' decisions to initially engage in open innovation (Master-Thesis)

Award Winner 2016 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Frau Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Tessa Flatten
    An Empirical Examination of the Resource Bases View: Marketing and Innovation Capabilities within a Contextual Perspective (Habilitation)
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Nikolai Alexander Jäger
    The Long-Term Performance Consequences of Responsive and Proactive Market Orientation and Innovation Orientation. An Empirical Investigation of U.S. Conpanies (Dissertation)
  • Frau Carolin Pommeranz, M.Sc.
    The Impact of Natural Hazard Risks on Property Prices (Master-Thesis)

Award Winner 2015 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Peter Maria Quadflieg
    Gerhard Graf von Schwerin (1899-1980): Karrierepfade eines Generals zwischen Kaiserreich und Bundesrepublik (Dissertation)
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Giovanni Saverio Sorda
    The Diffusion of Selected Renewable Energy Technologies: Modeling, Economics Impact, and Policy Implications (Dissertation)
  • Herr Tim Höfer, M.Sc.
    A GIS-based wind farm siting assessment using the Analytic Hierarchy Process: A case study for the regional district of Aachen (Master-Thesis)
  • Herr Sebastian Nagel, M.Sc.
    Wahrgenommene Sortimentsvielfalt: Einflussfaktoren und Auswirkungen auf das Kundenverhalten (Master-Thesis)

Award Winner 2014 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Kalender Can Soypak:
    Behavioral Biases in Intertemporal Decisions (Dissertation)

Award Winner 2013 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Frau Dr.rer.pol. Andrea Hammermann:
    Not Just for the Money, but What For? - An Experimental and Empirical Anlysis of Immaterial, Tangible and Monetary Incentives (Dissertation)

Award Winners 2012 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Frau Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Nora Bock:
    Übernahme börsennotierter Unternehmen (Diplomarbeit)
  • Herr Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Jörn Hünteler:
    Der Einfluss von politischer Förderung auf technischen Wandel: Untersuchung alternativer Wege zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Erneuerbare Energien-Technologien (Diplomarbeit)
  • Herr Dr.rer.pol. Ralph Breuer:
    Time lags and synergies of online advertising (Dissertation)
  • Frau Dr.rer.pol. Lena Teresa Calahorrano Peňa:
    Essays on Population Aging and the Political Economy of Immigration (Dissertation)

Award Winners 2011 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Philipp David an de Meulen:
    Demographic Structure and the Risk of Expropriation as an Impediment of International Investment - A Political Economy Approach (Dissertation)

Award Winners 2010 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Sebastian Stoll:
    Schätzen eines dynamischen Paneldatenmodells mit kurzem Zeithorizont und Einheitswurzeln oder Kointegration (Diplomarbeit)
  • Herr Daniel Küpper:
    Die Erfolgswirkung von Effectuation im Kontext von F&E-Projekten. Eine empirische Analyse (Dissertation)
  • Herr Tobias Paulun:
    Simulation der langfristigen Entwicklung des europäischen Elektrizitätsmarktes (Dissertation)

Award Winners 2009 from the School of Business and Economics

  • Herr Michael Müssigbrodt:
    Equity Premium Puzzle (Diplomarbeit)

Borchers Plakette Award and Springorum Commemorative Coin of RWTH Aachen

Every year, proRWTH - the Association of Friends and Supporters of RWTH Aachen University - presents the Springorum Commemorative Coin and the Borchers Plakette Award. During the presentation ceremony, the Springorum Commemorative Coin is awarded to outstanding graduates of RWTH Aachen University. The Coin has been awarded since 1925. The Borchers Plakette Award is named after an earlier Rector of RWTH Aachen University - Prof. Wilhelm Borchers. Created in 1909, it is awarded for outstanding doctoral degree theses. The Association itself has existed since 1918. It consists of 100 firms and 1,300 motivated individuals. By implementing generous grants, the Association of Friends and Supporters of RWTH Aachen University continuously supports research and teaching activities at the University. Institutes, private individuals, research projects, and student ideas are all supported.