Aaron Praktiknjo


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Aaron Praktiknjo

Chair of Energy Systems Economics


Building: 4120

Room: 10.18

Mathieustraße 10

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80-49691
Fax Fax: +49 241 80-49669

Consultation Hours

By appointment


Aaron Praktiknjo holds the Chair for Energy Systems Economics at the interdisciplinary E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH Aachen University.

The focus of his activities are the interfaces between energy economics, energy policy, and energy technology around an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy system.

Aaron Praktiknjo is President of the German Association for Energy Sciences and Energy Policy (GEE) and Vize President of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE). Together with Peter Zweifel and Georg Erdmann, he is co-author of the textbook "Energy Economics - Theory and Application".

Research Interests

  • Energy System Analysis
  • Energy Markets and Regulation
  • Security of Energy Supply
  • Sustainability Assessment of Energy Technology
  • Behavior of Energy Stakeholders
  • Structural Effects caused by Energy Transitions

Selected Publications

  • Kockel, C., Nolting, L., Priesmann, J., Praktiknjo, A. (2022). Does Renewable Electricity Supply Match with Energy Demand? – A Spatio-Temporal Analysis for the German Case. In: Applied Energy, 308, 118226.
  • Behm, C., Nolting, L., Praktiknjo, A. (2020): How to Model European Electricity Load Profiles using Artificial Neural Networks. In: Applied Energy, 277, 115564.
  • Nolting, L., Spiegel, T., Reich, M., Adam, M., Praktiknjo, A. (2020): Can Energy System Modeling Benefit from Artificial Neural Networks? Application of Two-stage Metamodels to Reduce Computation of Security of Supply Assessments. In: Computers & Industrial Engineering, 142.
  • Dittmar, L., Praktiknjo, A. (2019): Could Bitcoin Emissions Push Global Warming Above 2°C? In: Nature Climate Change, 9, 656-657.
  • Praktiknjo, A., Erdmann, G. (2016). Renewable Electricity and Backup Capacities: An (Un-) Resolvable Problem? In: The Energy Journal, 37.
  • Praktiknjo, A. (2014): Stated Preferences based Estimation of Power Interruption Costs in Private Households: An Example from Germany. In: Energy, 76, 82-90.