School Council


In accordance with §12 of the Regulations of the School of Business and Economics, the School Council is responsible for decision making in all those academic matters which do not fall under the responsibility of the Dean's Office or which are not the responsibility of any other authority. The School Council is also responsible for all matters pertaining to research and teaching. It ensures than all further matters to be dealt with within the University are implemented.


The Responsibilities of the School Council

  • Supporting the Dean's Office to ensure the provision  a comprehensive range of study courses and to manage study programs and examinations in collaboration with the  School Council's Committee for Teaching and Learning.
  • Creating committees and boards
  • Electing the Dean and the Dean of Studies
  • Issuing and amending of regulations for examinations and study programs, docotral degrees and 'Habilitation' degrees
  • Conducting  doctoral and 'Habilitation' proceedings as stipulated in their respective regulations
  • Awarding academic degrees on the basis of university examinations conducted by the School of Business and Economics
  • Making recommendations for professorship appointments
  • Making recommendations to the Rector's Office for the introduction, amendment, or discontinuation of degree programs, including the courses therein and the corresponding academic degree awarded
  • Conveying the academic titles of 'Honorarprofessorin'/'Honorarprofessor', 'außerplanmäßige Professorin'/'außerplanmäßiger Professor' and 'Gastprofessorin'/'Gastprofessor'

For full details of the School Council's areas of responsibility, see Fakultätsordnung.