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Award for Teaching 2022

Lehrpreisvergabe 2022 Copyright: © Ute Haupts

Having been canceled two times due to the restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the School's Graduation Ceremony was able to take place again in 2022. Included in this well attended event was the traditional honoring of the best teaching staff members by the Student Representative Body ("Fachschaft"), where prizes are presented in the categories "academic staff members" and "professors". The awards were this year presented live on stage again.

In the first category, this year's award winner was Dr. Garnet Kasperk. The prize in the second category was awarded to Professor Marco Lübbecke.

Vice-Dean Professor Balleer emphasized the great importance attached to "good teaching" by the School and by the University. Two members of the Fachschaft - Lena Gawlitza and Alessa Akin - told the audience in detail why specifically Dr. Kasperk and Professor Lübbecke had been nominated for the awards.

  Frau Dr. Kasperk bei der Lehrpreisvergabe Copyright: © Ute Haupts

Dr. Garnet Kasperk is the Director of the Center for International Automobile Management (CIAM). For over 10 years, her research has focused on the strategies of the automotive and energy industries.

Particularly her lectures "International Automobile Management" and "Corporate Ethics: The German Automobile Industry - Ethically Blind but Willing to Learn?" are strategically well planned and their content is conveyed via real-life case studies. Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of theoretical basics during the semester and to put these into practice.

  Würdigung der Lehrleistung von Prof. Lübbecke Copyright: © Ute Haupts

Since 2010, Prof. Dr. Marco Lübbecke has headed the Chair of Operations Research at RWTH Aachen University. His convincing teaching concept, which incorporates substantial use of the flipped classroom approach and other key blended learning strategies, ensures excellent learning outcomes. Two prime examples are his courses "Introduction to Operations Research" – in the B.Sc. in Business Administration program – and "Operations Research 1" – in the MSc. in Business Administration program, both of which are mandatory courses. But also his elective courses involve students actively participating in the teaching/learning process via short presentations, case study work, collaborative learning, group work, discussions, and analyzing examples of current applications.


Award for Teaching 2021

The School's Award for Teaching 2021 was presented during the (virtual) Annual Assembly of the School of Business and Economics on January 26, 2022. Unfortunately, the planned presentation had not been able to take place during the School's Graduation Ceremony in 2021 because that event had to once again be postponed on account of Covid-19 regulations. As is customary,the School's Student Representative Body ("Fachschaft") was responsible for selecting the winners of this award.

Unlike in 2020 - when the Fachschaft conferred the award on all of the School's teaching staff as a team in recognition of their concerted efforts to successfully implement the transition to fully digital teaching activities - the established distinction was again made between "academic staff members" and "professors" in the Fachschaft's selection of award winners.

During the online Annual Assembly of the School, Mr. Luca Carduck-Eick (Chair of Organization) - from the group of academic staff members - was announced as the award winner for that specific category while Prof. Britta Peis (Chair of Mangement Science) - was announced as the award winner for the "professors" category.

  Luca Carduck-Eick Copyright: © Luca Carduck-Eick

The Student Representative Body ("Fachschaft") based their choice of award winners on the following reasons:

In his teaching activities, Mr. Carduck-Eick has demonstrated an excellent concept, whereby he places great emphasis on a practical application of theoretically learned principles. His open and friendly manner is conducive to his classes having a very pleasant learning atmosphere - something that is appreciated by all of his students, earning their praise and their recommendations. Also from the viewpoint of his students, his motivation is particularly worthy of mention: for instance, he has held his classes via Zoom, yet has still managed to incorporate his students into these classes in an intensively interactive way.

  Prof. Britta Peis Copyright: © Prof. Britta Peis

In her teaching activities, Professor Britta Peis has demonstrated an excellent concept, whereby she makes active and extensive use of the possibilities offered by Blended Learning applications. This approach gives her students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of theoretically learned principles during the semester and to practically apply this knowledge. In her lectures, learning content is elucidated in detail and discussed by using numerous examples. In several modules, Prof. Peis also supplies additional videas on demand. These videos summarize the content of earlier lectures and provide support to students in preparation for upcoming lectures.

Prof. Peis places great emphasis on independent interdisciplinary work being conducted by students in the form of teamwork. She is always at hand to help out with any problems should they arise. This approach to teaching and learning provides students with the sustainable ability to organize themselves and to actively acquire knowledge by themselves. At both Bachelor and Master level, Prof. Peis has sucessfully taught her students advanced methodological competences. Her open, friendly, and fair manner is held in great esteem by her students, as is her motivation and enthusiasm.