Dr. rer. pol., Honorarprofessor

Jan Kemper

Jan Kemper
Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler




Jan Kemper studied business administration at WHU Vallendar, ICADE (Madrid) and Bordeaux Business School. He received a doctoral degree at RWTH Aachen university and was appointed Professor for Business Administration and Entrepreneurship here as well. Jan Kemper worked as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse und Morgan Stanley in Germany, the UK and Saudi Arabia. Ever since he has been appointed managing director of start-ups, scale-ups or corporates such as Groupon, Zalando, ProsiebenSat.1, Omio und N26. He further founded a couple of businesses himself (e.g. the triathlon brand Ryzon, the seminar/event location “Der Kemper Hof” and the Green-Tech company Greenair), is an active business angle and acts as Non-Executive Director in several company boards (e.g. Flink, Hedosophia). After approximately ten years of teaching, researching, and publishing at RWTH Aachen University, Jan Kemper was appointed Professor in July 2022.

Research Interests

  • General entrepreneurship
  • Corporate entrepreneurship/ Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Operations

Selected Publications

  • Feuß, S., Fischer-Kreer, D., Majer, J., Kemper, J. & Brettel, M. (2022). „The Interplay of Eco-labels and Price Cues: Empirical Evidence from a Large-scale Field Experiment in an Online Fashion Store”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 373.
  • Bockholdt, K., Kemper, J., & Brettel, M. (2020). Private label shoppers between fast fashion trends and status symbolism–A customer characteristics investigation. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 52.
  • Deufel, P., Kemper, J., Brettel, M. (2019). Pay Now Or Pay Later: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Online Payments. In: Journal of Electronic Commerce Research. 20 (3). S. 141-154.
  • Lohse, T., Kemper, J. (2019). Online Customer Reviews as Driver of Customer Loyalty. In Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Munich.
  • Seeger, M. K., Kemper, J., Brettel, M. (2018). How Information Processing and Channel Choice Influence Product Returns – An Empirical Analysis. In: Psychology & Marketing. 36 (3), S. 198-213.
  • Scheuffelen, S., Kemper, J., Brettel, M. (2018). How Do Human Attitudes and Values Predict Online Marketing Responsiveness?: Comparing Consumer Segmentation Bases Towards Brand Purchase And Online Marketing Responsiveness. In: Journal of Advertising Research, 59 (2), S. 142-157.
  • Grüschow, R. M., Kemper, J., Brettel, M. (2016). How do different payment methods deliver cost and credit efficiency in electronic commerce? In: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 18, S. 27-36.
  • Heuer, D., Brettel, M., Kemper, J. (2015). Brand competition in fashion e-commerce. In: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 14 (6), S. 514-522.
  • Kemper, J., Schilke, O., Brettel, M. (2013). Social Capital as a Microlevel Origin of Organizational Capabilities. In: Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30 (3), S. 589-603.
  • Kemper, J., Schilke, O., Reimann, M., Wang, X, Brettel, M. (2013). Competition-motivated corporate social responsibility. In: Journal of Business Research, 66, S. 1954-1963.
  • Kemper, J., Engelen, A., Brettel, M. (2013). How Top Managements’s Social Capital Fosters the Development of marketing Capabilities: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. In: Journal of International Marketing, 19 (3), S. 87-112.
  • Engelen, A., Kemper, J., Brettel, M. (2010). Die Wirkung von operativen Marketing-Mix-Fähigkeiten auf den Unternehmenserfolg – Ein 4-Länder-Vergleich, In: Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, November, S. 710-743.