Christine Harbring
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Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Christine Harbring


Chair of Organization


Building: 1050

Room: 632

Templergraben 64

52062 Aachen

Office Hours

By appointment only


Christine Harbring was born in Cologne in 1974. She studied economics at the University of Bonn as well as in Münster and Paris. In 2000, she joined the Chair of Personnel and Organizational Economics at the University of Bonn as a research assistant and completed her PhD in 2003. In 2004/05 she worked as a consultant for Towers Perrin in Frankfurt and was involved in projects focusing on leadership and corporate development. In 2005, she received a grant from the German Science Foundation (DFG) to conduct a research project at the University of Cologne where she completed her post-doctoral Habilitation in 2009. In 2010, she obtained the Chair of Human Resource Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. She has been head of the Chair of Organization at the RWTH Aachen University since October 2010.

Research Topics

  • Organizational and Personnel Economics, particularly: Trust, Performance measurement, Organizational design, Incentive schemes, Culture, Competition within organizations, Careers
  • Economic Experiments
  • Behavioral Economics

Selected Publications

  • Kampkötter, P., Harbring, C. and D. Sliwka (2018): Job Rotation and Employee Performance - Evidence from a Longitudinal Study in the Financial Services Industry. In: International Journal of Human Resource Management 29 (10), 1709-1735.
  • Grund, C., Harbring, C. and K. Thommes (2017): Group (Re-) formation in public good games: The tale of the bad apple? In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 145, 306-319.
  • Bönsch, A., Wendt, J., Overath, H., Gürerk, Ö., Harbring, C., Grund, C., Kittsteiner, T., Kuhlen, T. (2017): Peers at Work: Economic Real-Effort Experiments in the Presence of Virtual Co-workers. In: 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality Los Angeles, CA 2017-03-18 - 2017-03-22.
  • Grund, C., Bryson, A., Dur, R., Harbring, C., Koch, A. K., Lazear, E. P. (2017): Personnel economics: A research field comes of age. In: German Journal of Human Resource Management, 31 (2), 101-107.
  • Grund, C., Harbring, C. and K. Thommes (2015): Public Good Provision in Blended Groups of Partners and Strangers. Economics Letters 134, 41-44. 
  • Berger, J., Harbring, C. and D. Sliwka (2013): Performance Appraisals and the Impact of Forced Distribution – An Experimental Investigation. Management Science 59, 54-68.
  • Harbring, C. and B. Irlenbusch (2011): Sabotage in Tournaments – Evidence from the Laboratory. Management Science 57, 611-628.
  • Gürtler, O. and C. Harbring (2010): Feedback in Tournaments under Commitment Problems: Theory and Experimental Evidence. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 19, 771-810.
  • Harbring, C. and B. Irlenbusch (2008): How Many Winners are Good to Have? – On Tournaments with Sabotage. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 65, 682-702.
  • Harbring, C., Irlenbusch, B., Kräkel, M. and R. Selten (2007): Sabotage in Corporate Contests: An Experimental Analysis. International Journal of the Economics of Business 14 (3), 367-392.
  • Harbring, C. and B. Irlenbusch (2003): An Experimental Study on Tournament Design. Labour Economics 10, 443-464.