Oliver Lorz
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Prof. Dr. sc. pol.

Oliver Lorz


International Economics Unit


Building: Sammelbau

Room: 515

Templergraben 64, Sammelbau

52056 Aachen



Oliver Lorz was born in Kassel in 1968. He studied economics at the University of Konstanz and received a doctoral degree as well as a post-doctoral Habilitation degree from Kiel University. He worked as a research associate at the Kiel Institute of World Economics and held positions as a temporary professor at the University of Konstanz and at Kiel University. He was a visiting research scholar at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts and at Massey University, New Zealand. Since 2004, Oliver Lorz has been Professor of International Economics in the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University.

Research Interests

  • Economic policy in open economies
  • International political economy
  • International production

Selected Publications

  • Harms, P.; Jung, J.; Lorz, O. (2021): Offshoring and Sequential Production Chains: A General Equilibrium Analysis. In: Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.
  • Herzberg, J.; Lorz, O. (2020): Sourcing from Conflict Regions: Policies to Improve Transparency in International Supply Chain. In: Review of International Economics 28 (2), 395-407. 10.1111/roie.12456
  • Dadasov, R.; Hefeker, C.; Lorz, O. (2017): Natural Resource Production, Corruption, and Expropriation, in: Review of World Economics 153 (2017): 809-832.
  • Lorz, O.; Willmann, G. (2013): Enlargement vs. Deepening: The Trade-off Facing Economic Unions. In: International Tax and Public Finance, 20, 247-267.
  • Dadasov, R.; Lorz, O. (2013): Mode of International Investment and Endogenous Risk of Expropriation. In: Review of International Economics, 21, 974-983.
  • Dadasov, R.; Harms, P.; Lorz, O. (2013): Financial Integration in Autocracies: Greasing the Wheel or More to Steal? In: Economics of Governance, 14, 1-22.
  • Harms, P.; Lorz, O.; Urban, D. (2012): Offshoring Along the Production Chain. In: Canadian Journal of Economics, 45, 93-106.
  • Calahorrano, L.; Lorz, O. (2011): Aging, Factor Returns, and Immigration Policy. In: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 58, 589-606.
  • Lorz, O.; Schaefer, K. (2011): Temporary Immigration Visas. In: International Tax and Public Finance, 18, 291- 303.
  • Arin, K.P.;  Lorz, O.; Reich, O. F. M.; Spagnolo, N. (2011): Exploring the Dynamics Between Terrorism and Anti-Terror Spending: Theory and UK-Evidence. In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 77, 189-202.