German Study Award 2022 of the Körberstiftung goes to Dr. Lars Nolting and Best Student Paper Award of the IAEE goes to Christina Kockel

  Dr. Lars Nolting on the left with two certificates and Christina Kokel on the right with her certificate

We are happy to announce that Dr. Lars Nolting was ultimately awarded the very prestigious German Study Award 2022 of the Körber Foundation (endowed with EUR 25,000) for the best dissertation in the field of social sciences in an extremely strong competition.

Furthermore, Christina Kockel was awarded first prize for the IAEE Best Student Paper Award in the international competition for the best contribution to young scientists at this year's World Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) in Tokyo.

Jan Priesmann was awarded second prize at the same event. He took part in the conference remotely, so that Lars Nolting, who was also on site, received the award on his behalf, see photo.

We congratulate all the winners and wish you continued success in the future!