Erzähl's mir, RWTH! (RWTH Science Podcast)

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"Erzähl's mir, RWTH!" is the science podcast of RWTH Aachen University. Scientists talk about the Rhenish region, which is undergoing structural change with the phase-out of coal-fired power generation, and answer and discuss exciting questions about the future. The guests give an insight into their research and shed light on the transformation process from their perspective.


Prof. Almut Balleer Talking about Good Jobs Without Coal, and the Labor Market of the Future

Structural change is also changing the labor market. Many people in the coal industry are losing their jobs, while at the same time new opportunities and economic sectors are emerging. We talk to Professor Almut Balleer from the Chair of Applied Economics about industries of the future, employee job matching, and the potential of the circular economy. Prof. Balleer also reports on promising future projects and reveals which skills will become increasingly important for the employees of the future.

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