Information for Students

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The scope of what is possible with digital media is not so relevant as is how and to what purpose such media are applied. The prime focus of all the School's E-Learning activities is directed toward our students. We have not integrated the concept of E-Learning into our teaching simply as an end in itself, but in order to actively assist our students during the learning process and to prepare them as efficiently as possible for their future professional careers.

During your studies at RWTH Aachen University you will encounter quite a few different E-Learning systems and tools. In the following, we present a brief overview of the most important ones:


Important Note

Before you take part in an exercise unit or an exam, please ensure that you are registered with Dynexite. In the "Veranstaltung" box your name must be visible. If you can't see your name but you can see a flashing red text, then authentication has failed and your results won't be saved!




dynexite logo

Dynamic learning tasks for reviewing lecture content, self-tests for assessing a student's learning progress, and intermediate examinations that can be counted towards a final grade result: Dynexite offers it all! An individually tailored learning and examining system, Dynexite generates dynamic learning tasks and automatically grades and corrects them.

Students can access Dynexite via the L2P classroom for the relevant course. An additional login is not necessary, since the data will be automatically transferred to Dynexite.

Should you have problems with Dynexite, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact the E-Learning team by . For more details about using Dynexite and for tackling any potential problems, please see our FAQ (PDF-Datei). If you have questions about a specific task that you come across in Dynexite, or if you believe you have found an error, then please contact the relevant member of the teaching staff for that course.



Transaction cycle

TransAction is a web-based serious game which you can play right from the first semester of your studies. You manage a supply chain, and you can use the knowledge you acquire in your studies to increase your success in the game. You play the game in the role of an automobile manufacturer and you are responsible for procuring materials and machines and hiring employees as well as planning and implementing the production process. This practical application helps you to internalize lecture contents.

Currently, the following courses actively incorporate TransAction into their teaching/learning concept:

  • Einführung in die BWL (Introduction to Business Administration)
  • Produktion und Logistik (Production and Logistics)
  • Wirtschaft Aktuell I (Current Topics in Economics)
  • externes Rechnungswesen (Accounting)

The serious game is played in a web browser. Students receive an email with their personal access code at the beginning of the course.

If you have any questions about playing TransAction, please send a to the E-Learning team.



Writing by hand? Waiting ages for your results? It all belongs to the past thanks to E-Exams! At RWTH Aachen University, E-Exams have been implemented since 2003. Some of the Chairs of the School of Business and Economics are also active in this area.

The program involved is OPS. To get acquainted with OPS, please follow this Link, where you will find an online test version of the software. Please note that the contents of the test version are in no way connected to the contents of any real examination. You will need the following codes to access the test:

User: rwth
PW: rwth2020

The test version is only accessible from within the RWTH network, so you need an active VPN. Information for connecting via VPN is available on the webpages of the IT Center at RWTH Aachen University.


Further Services

For successful studying at RWTH Aachen University, you should be aware of - and make use of - the following services on offer:

The teaching and learning platform L2P of RWTH Aachen University. You can log in with your TIM-Kennung and password for your L²P account. for detailed information, instructions for use, as well as tips for using the platform, please see Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CiL) and Lehr- und Lernportal L2P.

Selfservice enables you to manage your access codes and password and to change them if necessary. For more information about this particular service, please visit Dokumentationsportal des IT-Centers.

CAMPUSOffice is your personal web-based organizer, giving you direct access to your own course and lecture information. For more details about this service please see Dokumentationsportal des IT-Centers.