Consonant with the university-wide concept for the future entitled 'Excellence in Teaching' - a concept that strives for improved quality of university teaching - the 'Aachen mentoring model' has been developed. This model incorporates the provision of advice and support for individual students in order to enhance student satisfaction, shorten the study duration, and lower the student drop-out rate. Since 2011, the School of Business and Economics has also been offering its own mentoring program for supporting its students in their specific study situation and helping them to successfully plan and manage their studies.

In the School of Business and Economics, the mentoring program includes

  • information on topics relevant to programs of study: planning and managing studies, available scholarships, facilities within and outside RWTH Aachen University.
  • help and support with problems and difficulties with programs of study or individual semester and exam management.
  • advising on scholarship programs, Master's programs, and career planning in order to achieve individual study goals.

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